Email Alchemy Elite 2.0 Review

Email Alchemy Elite 2.0 is the only email solution out there? No, but if you want to triple or quadrupedal your earning from each email it might be the only thing that does it.

Why Email Alchemy Elite?

email alchemy eliteDaniel Levis, the founder and creator of EAE 2.0 is known as the mastermind of email marketing.  This is because unlike most email markers that simply use per-created swipes or have someone write for them, Daniel Levis treats each email he sends as personal masterpiece. Why? Because he knows less is more.

Back in the day every marker would send as much emails as he possibly could to just have tons of clicks. If fact, many still do it and if you ever been on any email lists you know what I’m talking about.  It’s like having your email inbox under constant attack. The spam folder helps but it was no match for the spamers.

The smart marketers adapted and started to created less but more personal letters. They called it relationship building. Which was definitely a step in the right direction but it was still far away from ideal.

JoshuaVoilesThat is when Daniel Levis comes up with Email Alchemy Elite, and new way to craft emails. Like a psychological recipe that triggers does buying instics so you make more sales. Note, that I said sales and not open or click rates. With time these will improve greatly as well but improving open and click rates in a short time is fairly easily. How many gurus you saw selling systems, or better yet simple tips or tricks to increase does?

However, isn’t the point to increase sales? After all commissions is what it is all about. Just look at Joshua Voiles. Thanks to just one strategy from Daniel Levis he was able to go from 2% conversions rate on $1,997 product to a 7%. That is over 3 times the profits. So If he got 1,000 clicks that would mean $139,790 in sales at 7% instead of $39,940 in sales at 2%.

So what are you waiting for? Grab Email Alchemy Elite 2.0 below now. Or don’t want more sales?